Dog Boarding, Daycare, & Swimming Pool Services for Your Pet

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Our Philosophy

A balanced doggy is a happy doggy. We believe in the importance of engaging a dog’s other senses and that lesser reliance on sight will lead to a calmer and more balanced dog. Mutts & Mittens Active was created with that mission in mind.

It’s a different sort of training. We are trying to condition balance.

The Active Difference

Pemium Kibble top with Deluxe Wet Food
Premium kibble top with deluxe wet food for your doggo's main meals. High incentive dehydrated treats for play sessions
Our Active Programme
Specially designed programmes to give your doggy a cardio workout, engage his sniffer and polish his social skills
Huge pool, activity course, club house, luxurious boarding rooms, we've got it all. To ensure there will be plenty of enjoyment, fun and learning
Our Active Programme
High Intensity: Cardio Swim
Low Intensity: Active Play
Mental: Interactive Play
High Intensity: Cardio Swim
Swimming is a great way to burn some fat and strengthen core muscles

Our U-shaped pool is almost long enough to swim Olympic laps and the shallow ends are great for resistance training
Low Intensity: Active Play
Active Play in the water provides many safe socialisation opportunities while having lots of fun

Playing with balls, frisbees, frolicking in the shallows, playing with the water features
Mental: Interactive Play
Interactive Play stimulates your dog’s mind including nose work, problem solving, motor skills, dog to dog interactions and dog to human interactions